Wazir Ali Industries Limited, Ltd.
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Wazir Ali Industries Limited, Ltd.


Pakistan, Sindh, Karachi, F-33, Hub River Road, S.I.T.E.


Syed Yawar Ali


Site http://1531.pk.all.biz
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Wazir Ali Industries Limited, Ltd.

Background WAZIR ALI INDUSTRIES LIMITED was initially incorporated as The Hyderabad (Sind) Vegetable Oils and Allied Industries Limited at Karachi under the Companies Act, VII of 1913 on 27 June 1953 as a Private Limited Company with a capital of Rs 1,500,000/-, which was negotiated and purchased by the Group Chairman, Syed Wajid Ali Shah with the plant situated in Hyderabad. The company started manufacturing Banaspati Ghee with the Brand name TULLO. Within a short span of time, the company became a highly progressive and a formidable leader in the manufacture of Banaspati ghee and TULLO Banaspati became a family name. The name of The Hyderabad (Sind) Vegetable Oils and Allied Industries Limited was changed to WAZIR ALI INDUSTRIES LIMITED on 28 May 1959 and was subsequently converted into a Public Limited Company in the same year by increasing the capital base to Rs 10,000,000/-. The company became the market leader in the banaspati ghee business due to the superior quality of TULLO and good marketing and sales strategies. ISO - 9002 Certification The company has been awarded the ISO-9002 certificate by the AIB-VINCOT International Limited in 1999. Wazir Ali Industries Limited has more than fifty years of experience in the manufacturing, marketing and sales of edible oil and ghee. A full-fledged research and development department is constantly testing the existing brands for any possible improvements and researching new avenues for development. Quality of the products is the focus point of Wazir Ali Industries Limited and it manufactures its products under the most hygienic conditions which renders them safe and fit for human consumption.


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